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Learn the advanced concepts of the laravel and vuejs frameworks, and also build and deploy a complete real world project

  • What you’ll learn
    • You will learn how to build laravel applications using TDD
    • You will learn how to build advanced vuejs applications with a laravel backend

    • You will learn how to integrate the stripe api into laravel and / or vuejs applications

    • You will learn how to work on a real world full stack backend application with git
    • You will learn how to deploy and manage a laravel application in production

Course Curriculum

Custom configuration files, keys, and env variables 00:00:00
Laravel default authentication system I 00:00:00
Laravel default authentication system II 00:00:00
Laravel default authentication system III 00:00:00
Service providers in laravel 00:00:00
Deep dive into Laravel middleware 00:00:00
Deep dive into laravel middleware groups 00:00:00
Exception handling, and custom exceptions 00:00:00
Section introduction 00:00:00
Introduction to testing in laravel 00:00:00
Running our first test 00:00:00
Writing our first test 00:00:00
A demo application 00:00:00
Running tests to green 00:00:00
Our first successful tests 00:00:00
Refactoring to controllers 00:00:00
Posts not found 00:00:00
Refactoring to cleaner code with unit tests 00:00:00
Switching to sqlite for speed 00:00:00
Viewing all posts 00:00:00
Creating a post 00:00:00
Testing validation rules in laravel 00:00:00
Introduction to laravel dusk 00:00:00
Test driving login with dusk 00:00:00
Testing viewing posts with dusk 00:00:00
Testing create post with dusk 00:00:00
Only authenticated users have access 00:00:00
Understanding Laravel authentication 00:00:00
Testing out the authenticated Method 00:00:00
The login modal with Vuejs 00:00:00
Building our login form 00:00:00
Making login ajax requests from Vuejs 00:00:00
Refreshing current page after successful login 00:00:00
Loading state of the login component 00:00:00
Using custom exceptions in laravel 00:00:00
Displaying authentication errors in vue login component 00:00:00
Writing our first authentication test 00:00:00
Writing tests for successful login 00:00:00
Customizing registration with test driven development 00:00:00
Testing email sending with Laravel 00:00:00
Testing confirm email tokens for users 00:00:00
Test driving confirm email functionality for users 00:00:00
Confirm user with mailtrap 00:00:00
Setting up the series model 00:00:00
Setting up the create series view 00:00:00
Storing series with custom request instances 00:00:00
Storing uploaded files 00:00:00
Testing series creation and file upload 00:00:00
Refactoring to request classes for cleaner controllers 00:00:00
Testing for validation rules with laravel 00:00:00
Custom administration middleware 00:00:00
Testing custom administration middleware 00:00:00
Custom helper methods for testing with Laravel testcase 00:00:00
The beauty of route model binding 00:00:00
Structuring our lessons table 00:00:00
Lessons relationship and eager loading 00:00:00
The lessons vue component. Passing default props 00:00:00
Create lesson child component, and communication with the parent component 00:00:00
Create lesson form 00:00:00
Explicit route model binding 00:00:00
Testing Json API’s in Laravel – testing the lesson creation process 00:00:00
Testing validation rules for creating lessons 00:00:00
Refreshing the client dom after creating a lesson 00:00:00
Deleting lessons 00:00:00
Updating client DOM after deleting a lesson 00:00:00
Custom notification messages with Vuejs 00:00:00
Updating a series 00:00:00
Updating the DOM after PUT request 00:00:00
Custom notification messages 00:00:00
Global error handling for failed ajax requests 00:00:00
Show all series 00:00:00
Updating a series 00:00:00
Writing tests for series update 00:00:00
More tests for series update 00:00:00
Refactoring series controller and requests 00:00:00
Cleaning up our routes files with custom middleware groups 00:00:00
Displaying images from storage 00:00:00
Changing storage directory for series imge using tests 00:00:00
Testing model accessors 00:00:00
A refresher on redis 00:00:00
Completing lessons with test driven development 00:00:00
Flushing redis for every test and making our tests better 00:00:00
Percentage completed for series 00:00:00
Unit testing completed lessons count 00:00:00
Poor audio quality alert 00:00:00
Refactoring to single responsibility traits 00:00:00
Test the user has started a series 00:00:00
Get completed lessons for a series 00:00:00
Get completed lessons for a series – alternative solution 00:00:00
Display single series view 00:00:00
Custom laravel blade if directives 00:00:00
The watch lesson page 00:00:00
The vimeo video player and vuejs 00:00:00
Embedding videos from the video id field in the database 00:00:00
Get ordered lessons for a series 00:00:00
Get next and previous lessons 00:00:00
Display the next and previous button links 00:00:00
Display all lessons on the page 00:00:00
Listening to lesson completed events 00:00:00
Refactoring using laravel debugbar 00:00:00
Feature testing complete lessons functionality 00:00:00
Unit testing has completed lesson 00:00:00
Displaying active lesson and completed lessons on watch page 00:00:00
Firing Ajax requests to complete lesson 00:00:00
Test driving get series being watched 00:00:00
Refactoring get series being watched method 00:00:00
Get total number of completed lessons for a user using tdd 00:00:00
Displaying user profile 00:00:00
Custom admin blade directives 00:00:00
Get next lesson the user should watch with TDD 00:00:00
Redirecting user to the appropriate lesson 00:00:00
Refactoring previous and next lessons methods 00:00:00
Simple watch page cleanup 00:00:00
Installation of laravel cashier 00:00:00
Understanding how stripe works 00:00:00
Collecting credit cards with Vue and stripe checkout 00:00:00
Subscribing user to plans with laravel cashier 00:00:00
Testing subscriptions – creating fake subscription method 00:00:00
Test – a user without a plan is redirected 00:00:00
Test – a user with a plan can watch free and premium lessons 00:00:00
Including a premium filed in vue create lesson component 00:00:00
Update the subscription process with sweet alert 00:00:00
Changing user subscriptions 00:00:00
Update user card details with stripe 00:00:00
App cleanup I 00:00:00
App cleanup II – queueing laravel emails 00:00:00
App cleanup III – Traditional auth setup 00:00:00
Understand laravel forge, and why we should use it 00:00:00
Laravel forge, databases and let’s encrypt 00:00:00
Forge, what it looks like in the server 00:00:00
Adding new features to an app in production 00:00:00
Fixing bugs in a production app, and updating servers 00:00:00
Setting up queue workers on laravel forge 00:00:00

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