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What you’ll learn

  • Build multiple different microservices using Lumen de Laravel
  • Create a service-oriented architecture from scratch using the Lumen microframework

  • Implements a complete security system to control access to internal and external architectural services

  • Feel confident to create and implement service-oriented architectures using Lumen de Laravel
  • Master the best practices of construction and implementation of a complete architecture oriented to services

Course Curriculum

About the instructor and the course 00:00:00
About the microservices architecture and Lumen 00:00:00
The source code of the course 00:00:00
Make sure you have understood the architecture you will implement with Lumen. 00:00:00
Create a first microservices for authors with Lumen
Obtaining the Lumen structure for the authors’ service 00:00:00
Preparing the service for its correct operation 00:00:00
Building the authors table with a migration of Lumen 00:00:00
Creating the authors’ model 00:00:00
Creating a factory for authors and building test values 00:00:00
Creating the controller for authors 00:00:00
Creating the routes for CRUD operations on the authors 00:00:00
Normalizing the authors’ microservice responses 00:00:00
Make sure you understand several essential concepts and components 00:00:00
Implementing the functions of the authors' microservice in Lumen
Showing the list of authors from the Lumen controller 00:00:00
Allowing creating author instances from the controller 00:00:00
Allowing showing an author with a given id with Lumen 00:00:00
Allowing editing an existing author 00:00:00
Allowing deleting an existing author 00:00:00
Handling important errors and exceptions with Lumen 00:00:00
Create the book microservice with Lumen
Getting the structure of Lumen for the book microservice 00:00:00
Preparing the books microservice 00:00:00
Creating the table for books with migrations 00:00:00
Creating the model for books 00:00:00
Creating a factory for books and generating random values 00:00:00
Creating the Lumen controller for books 00:00:00
Creating the Lumen routes for CRUD operations on books 00:00:00
Standardizing the responses across the services 00:00:00
Implementing the microservice functions for books in Lumen
Showing the complete list of books 00:00:00
Allowing creating new instances of books 00:00:00
Allowing showing a specific book 00:00:00
Allowing updating an existing book 00:00:00
Allowing removing an existing book 00:00:00
Handling relevant errors and exceptions with Lumen 00:00:00
Creating and preparing the API Gateway with Lumen
Creating the Lumen project for the API Gateway using Compose 00:00:00
Preparing Lumen for the API Gateway 00:00:00
Creating the controllers for the authors and books Lumen microservices 00:00:00
Unifying Lumen responses for the API Gateway 00:00:00
Registering routes for microservices in Lumen from the Gateway 00:00:00
Preparing the Gateway in Lumen to consume services 00:00:00
Preparing the Lumen components to consume the internal services 00:00:00
Implementing the functions of the Gateway with Lumen
Obtaining the list of authors from the authors’ Lumen microservice 00:00:00
Creating an author instance with the authors’ service 00:00:00
Showing an author instance using the authors’ Lumen microservice 00:00:00
Editing author instances using the authors’ service 00:00:00
Deleting author instances using the authors’ Lumen service 00:00:00
Implementing operations for books based on the authors ones 00:00:00
Checking the existence of the author before creating a book 00:00:00
Controlling errors obtained from services 00:00:00
Implementing the security layer of the microservices architecture with Lumen
Installing and enabling Lumen Passport components 00:00:00
Preparing and configuring Lumen to use Passport 00:00:00
Protecting the Gateway routes with Lumen Passport 00:00:00
Obtaining and using access tokens for the Lumen API Gateway 00:00:00
Preparing the API Gateway to authenticate its requests 00:00:00
Authenticating direct access to the Lumen authors microservice 00:00:00
Authenticating direct access to the microservice of books 00:00:00
Conclusion and recommentations
Considerations to keep in mind with your microservices 00:00:00
Thanks for getting here 00:00:00
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