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Tableau Public is free software that can help users publish interactive data visualizations to the internet. This software is another great option for data visualization along with GIS Cloud or CartoDB. It has powerful charting and graphing tools, and also allows you to map data and display that data against several online datasets and basemaps.

No plug-ins or programming skills are required, just a browser with JavaScript enabled. Tableau Public uses a simple drag and drop process that anyone can learn. You can work with either the free Tableau Desktop app, or Tableau Online the free cloud based server. Either way you can save your work to the Tableau Public Web servers, which are accessible by everyone on the Internet. One important note about this is that any data you publish is accessible to everyone on the internet.

People see and understand data, reports and dashboards faster with visual analytics technology, which can help uncover key trends, relationships, patterns, and outliers that might otherwise be a challenge to find. Tableau Public can be used to pare down information to its simplest form by stripping away the less important data.

The software can connect to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and multiple text file formats. It has a limit of 1,000,000 rows of data allowed in any single file. Your organization may use up to 50 megabytes of space.

Tableau Public projects can be shared by emailing a link or by embedding the work in a blog, wiki, or website. Clicking on an emailed link will open a browser page with the view loaded. If embedded onto a page, anyone who visits the page will see the live interactive view.  The following shows the use of Tableau Public in two health related studies.

Course Curriculum

Section 0 : Your First Dashboard
00_00.Introduction 00:55:00
00_00. Overview 00:30:00
00_01. Installation FREE 00:40:00
00_02. The Workspace 00:45:00
00_03. Connecting to Data 00:45:00
00_ 04. Your First Chart 00:30:00
00_05. Mapping Regions 00:20:00
00_06. Your First Dashboard 00:00:00
00_07. Summary 00:00:00
Section 1: Charting Consumer Spending
01_00. Overview 00:00:00
01_01. Preparing The Data 00:00:00
01_02. Preview Spending Changes Dashboard 00:00:00
01_03. Stacked, Dual AXis, Bars 00:00:00
01_04. Building A Custom Menu 00:00:00
01_05. Building Spending Changes Dashboard 00:00:00
01_06. Introducing Spending Category Dashboard 00:00:00
01_07. Building Spending Category Dashboard 00:00:00
01_08. Adding Some Flair 00:00:00
01_09. Summary 00:00:00
Section 2: The Cost of Winning
02_00. Overview 00:00:00
02_01 .Dashboard 1 Overview 00:00:00
02_02. Dashboard 1 Design First 00:00:00
02_03.Vertical Selector Menu 00:00:00
02_04.Charting Win Loss Data 00:00:00
02_05. Using Your Words 00:00:00
02_06. Dashboard 2 Overview 00:00:00
02_07.Area Charts and The Cost of A Win 00:00:00
02_08. Making Bars Pop with Color 00:00:00
02_09. Tying It All Together 00:00:00
02_10. Summary 00:00:00

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