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What you’ll learn
  • This training is a practical and a quantitative course which will help you learn customer analytics with the perspective of a data scientist.
  • Basic knowledge in statistics, mathematics, programming
  • Basic knowledge of using R and Tableau
  • Passion to learn and apply

Course Curriculum

Customer Analytis using R and Tableau
Introduction to Customer Analytics using R and Tableau 00:00:00
Market Research NPS of Banks 00:00:00
Exception Vs Preception 00:00:00
Market Segmentation for Airlines 00:00:00
Summary of Each Cluster Group 00:00:00
Descriptive Analytics 00:00:00
Company Performance – Key Matrices 00:00:00
Predictive Analytics 00:00:00
Telecom Churn 00:00:00
Telecom Churn Continues 00:00:00
Sensitivity and Specificity 00:00:00
Prescriptive Analytics 00:00:00
Case Studies 00:00:00
Pricing Analytics using R and Tableau
Introduction to Pricing Analytics Using R and Tableau 00:00:00
What is Pricing Analytics 00:00:00
Pricing Strategy in Business 00:00:00
Different Pricing Strategies 00:00:00
Understanding Cost 00:00:00
Elasticity 00:00:00
Calculating Elasticity from Regression Model 00:00:00
Pricing Strategy of Ratio Taxis and Toll Booths 00:00:00
Snapshot of Dataset 00:00:00
Toll Gate 1 Results 00:00:00
Descriptive Analytics 00:00:00
Predictive Analytics 00:00:00
Descriptive Analytics – Graph 00:00:00
Predictive Analytics – Understanding the Future 00:00:00
Prescriptive Analytics – Advice on Possible Outcomes 00:00:00
Business Intelligence with Tableau
Introduction to Business Intelligence with Tableau 00:00:00
Business Intelligence 00:00:00
More on Tableau 00:00:00
Evaluation of Tableau 00:00:00
Tableau Architecture 00:00:00
Tableau Architecture Continues 00:00:00
Installation Steps of Tableau 00:00:00
Steps for Tableau Project Reports 00:00:00
Steps for Tableau Report Example 00:00:00
Navigation in Tableau 00:00:00
Navigation in Tableau Example 00:00:00
Navigation in Tableau Example Continues 00:00:00
More on Navigation of Tableau 00:00:00
Design Flow of Tableau 00:00:00
Type of Files in Tableau 00:00:00
Type of Files in Tableau Continues 00:00:00
Data Types in Tableau 00:00:00
Data Terminology 00:00:00
More on Data Terminology 00:00:00
Input Data Sources and Connection in Tableau 00:00:00
Extracting Data Using Tableau 00:00:00
Example of Fields in Tavleau 00:00:00
Tableau Metadata 00:00:00
Types of Joins in Tableau 00:00:00
Worksheet Options in Tableau 00:00:00
Types of Operator in Tableau 00:00:00
Functions in Tableau 00:00:00
Sorting in Tableau 00:00:00
Filters in Tableau 00:00:00
Filters in Tableau Continues 00:00:00
More on Filters in Tableau 00:00:00
Bar Chart in Tableau 00:00:00
Pie Chart in in Tableau 00:00:00
Crosstab Chart 00:00:00
Scatter Plot Chart 00:00:00
Box Plot and Tree Map Chart 00:00:00
Gantt Chart and Histogram 00:00:00
Dashboard Features in Tableau 00:00:00
Forcasting and Formatting in Tableau 00:00:00
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