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What you’ll learn

  • Be able to use React JS with Laravel
  • Gain deep understanding of Modern JavaScript

  • Understand React JS Fundamentals

  • User Follow/Unfollow functionality
  • Real Time integration using Pusher Js

Course Curriculum

Modern Javascrip/EmacScrip
Modern JavaScript 00:00:00
Creating variables using const 00:00:00
Creating variables using let 00:00:00
Template strings 00:00:00
Default parameters 00:00:00
Arrow functions 00:00:00
Arrow function and this keyword 00:00:00
Destructuring object 00:00:00
Destructuring an array 00:00:00
Restructuring 00:00:00
Spread and rest operator 00:00:00
Classes constructor and super 00:00:00
React JS
Installing react 00:00:00
React files and folders introduction 00:00:00
Storing data in component state via ajax call 00:00:00
Rendering state data using map 00:00:00
Conditional rendering 00:00:00
Imports exports props 00:00:00
Handling click events 00:00:00
Destructuring inline styling and keys 00:00:00
Laravel with React Project
Installing Laravel and database setup 00:00:00
Implement username 00:00:00
Route group, controllers and views 00:00:00
React js scafffolding 00:00:00
Create form in react component 00:00:00
Post model, migration and relationships 00:00:00
Handling form events in react 00:00:00
Make a post request to laravel backend 00:00:00
Create post and response json 00:00:00
Show the tweets in timeline 00:00:00
Merging tweets in the state and render 00:00:00
Render tweets 00:00:00
User avatar 00:00:00
User profile 00:00:00
Follow functionality 00:00:00
Show follow or unfollow 00:00:00
Implement follow functionality 00:00:00
Implement unfollow functionality 00:00:00
Showing the list of following 00:00:00
Json response of posts 00:00:00
Showing the list of followers 00:00:00
Loading component 00:00:00
Making it real time using setInterval 00:00:00
Real time implementation with Pusher JS and Laravel
Sign up with Pusher 00:00:00
Real time setup with pusher and laravel echo 00:00:00
Event Broadcasting for real time updates 00:00:00
Real time posts to specific user based on following 00:00:00
Bonus Leactures
Styling and Adjustments 00:00:00
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